21st of October 2020


The motor-racing inspired series of watches

    Dubbed as "The motor-racing inspired" watch, Monaco’s provocative look represented a complete break with conventional watch design. It is essentially a timless emblem of rebellious style proposing completely new features and a sleek new look. Equally radical was its perfect water-resistance — a world first for a square case. More revolutionary still is its heart, the Chronomatic Calibre 11, the first automatic chronograph movement with microrotor.

   A year after its launch, in 1970, Jack Heuer brings the Heuer Monaco to the movie set of "Le Mans", where Heuer-sponsored Swiss driver Jo Siffert was coaching and stunt-driving for Steve McQueen. The actor loves the watch and wears it in every scene, bringing it additional notoriety and part of its iconic association with motor-sports.

   Defined by bold geometries, the Monaco stands out for design features like the big case cut at right angles and beveled crystal of virtually unscratchable sapphire. Innovations and re-interpretations over the next half century – special editions, in-house movements - were even more revolutionary. Jack Heuer, TAG Heuer Honorary Chairman President, mentions: "At the time, we immeditaly knew this was something special. […] The revolutionary square case would be the perfect housing for our avant-garde Monaco."
   Some editions of the Monaco honor its radical positioning of the crown to 9 o’clock - to show that winding is no longer required. Retro-chic versions also celebrate the metallic blue dial, red second hand and the play of squares: two chronograph sub-dials inside a square case.